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We can send money to Pakistan and Wall St


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In the last 3 weeks the senate has tried to pass an unemployment extension for Americans unemployed through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. We sent trillions to Afghanistan and Iraq....just passed 7 billion for aid to Pakistan...a raise for congressional staff...

and 750 billion for Wall st bailouts. But for 3 weeks republicans have blocked extension of unemployment for millions of Americans out of work. They want to add pork barrel spending to the extension and are playing politics with the suffering of unemployed. As a result of these delays, millions of Americans , REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT ,will face a bleak Thanksgiving and Christmas.Many will lose their homes, cars, and all hope. They literally face starvation! THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN IN AMERICA!! Please call the Senate minority leader's office and tell republicans to stop blocking the unemployment extension ! I volunteer at a local food bank. They are running out of food and aid for the overwhelming number of unemployed families who are in need.

We can't keep up with the demand and the news media is not reporting this, so donations are not there. I can't help but believe the American people would help more if they knew the urgency.

If you can donate time or money to local food banks or churches who help the poor or make a phone call please do.

Senate minority leader (202)224-3135 Tell them to stop blocking the unemployment extension.

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