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Monday Night Football


Who Wins?  

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  1. 1. How do you see the game playing out?

    • Falcons win in a tight game.
    • Saints win in a tight game.
    • Falcons win in a blow out.
    • Saints win in a blow out.
    • Falcons might as well stay home.
    • Saints will need their paperbags Monday.

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I picked us to win in a close game; however, I voted with my heart and not my head.

Emotionally, I think that the Falcons can win this game.

Intellectually, I think that the Falcons can still win the game; however, there are many things that must all go right if we are to beat a really, really good Saints team. In no particular order, these things include:

putting constant pressure on Brees--hitting him early and often to disrupt his rhythm

having the D line and LB's maintain gap discipline to minimize the Saints running game

our CB's must consistently be physical with WR's within the first 5 yds, cover WR's without drawing PI flags, and make tackles

we must force turnovers

our O-line must protect Matt, with help as necessary from the TE's/RB's/FB

we must successfully run the ball and avoid 3rd and long situations (note to Turner...)

all Falcons TE's/WR's must make catches (note to Jenkins...)

Matt must make good decisions (hoping that his Dallas game performance was a fluke)

we must not turn the ball over

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Go home clown.....Saints AIN'T going to go undefeated this year. This is a perfect let down spot for them after that come back win in Miami last week. Plus, they were on the cover of SI this week and I'm sure that they have been eating up all of the press about how great they are. The Dirty Birds???? Well, they will waltz into N.O. with no preassure and something to prove. Sets up for a perfect upset, IMO.

Dirty Birds 30

Ain'ts 28

What do you mean no preassure on the Dirty Birds. If they lose they drop three games behind the Saints! thats not pressure is it? Saints might lose a game or two this year but the first lose wont come this Monday Night! WHO DAT!!!

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I totally agree.....law of avgs...seems to go our way!

If we just play sensible ....nicely paced football each quarter at a time. We will beat New Orleans in double digits! Yes!! & I said so FIRST!

As we all know only one team in history has gone undefeated so the odds or against the Saints to achieve that goal. So lets take one game at a time. Monday night, dirty birds based on how this year is going for the Saints and the Falcons the odds or against the Falcons. You will have to dig a lot deeper to find a reason why the Falcons should win. The Saints will be a lot more prepared for the Falcons then they were for Miami. NFC and a division game? That's big!

On any giving day any team can win but this Monday night, in our Dome the Saints won't be giving anything but a** whopping.

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