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08 Falcons vs 09 Falcons


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2008 Falcons

Falcons have a rookie quarter back and big name free agent running back that "couldnt carry the load" An up and coming Roddy White and a no name defense that did its best. An unknown offensive line that hit you in the mouth. A coaching staff that took risks and didnt risk losing a game we should win.

2009 Falcons

Falcons have the next big thing at quarter back, a pro bowl bull dozing running back, a pro bowl wide receiver, a 10X pro bowl HOF tight end, an offensive line that is under rated, and a coaching staff that isn't supposed to lose a game.

Last year we had a team that was out to prove everyone wrong, We had no expectations besides 4-12 and anything better was just icing on the cake, This year we are the team to beat, supposed to go 11-5 and be in the play offs. I think this has had a huge psychological effect on our coaches and our players. We have played conservatively as a whole team and coaching staff, Our players dont seem to be out there enjoying themselves like we did last year. The only time I have seen them have fun was the 49ers game, and they played the best they have.

Well this week nobody thinks we can win, not one analyst thinks it hardly any of our fans think it. I think from this point on we will be playing 2008 Falcons football and be a pretty darn good team. We have the same team more experienced and now nobody thinks we take the division, Well I say we do. Go FALCONS.!!!!

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The fact that we have played mediocre football besides the niners game, and are still 4-2 makes me happy. I dont know what some of you expect.

No doubt.

I think it is all going according to plan... We will continue to get better as the season goes and hopefully all parts come together for the stretch and the playoffs.

It is awesome to see us winning games where we are not at our best. 4-2 is pretty good right about now....and as somebody said in another post 5-2 is staring us in the face.

I remember the season the colts went all the way...there defense was the most maligned unit in football in the early-middle regular season. By the end they were lights out and dominated the playoffs...Peyton lost to Dallas that year too and folks were like zOMG colts cant play offense either.

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