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So the right side of our line is under contract year, and after a great year last year they have been playing flat. At this point who do you want resigned or replaced. Who are you pleased with and whos on your bad list. Im just curious, I know some of you re watch the games and probably notice more than I do.

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I don't think anyone really gets a free pass on the line. It's also hard to tell out in the Midwest, where games are poorly streamed or watched in bars.

I'd say the right side needs some help. I'm convinced we were going to draft Oher with our first round pick before the Ravens suddenly traded up for him (Miami wasn't going to take him!). He would have been great to anchor the right side, but I guess this is an unimportant point.

We were running great towards the right side last year. I think we have seen the limits that Clabo and Dahl can produce, and other teams are aware of it. Thanks to coaching and such, they played better than they should have. I'd almost guarantee one of them will leave in free agency, and the other will be kept cheap. I really like Dahl, but he really gave up some pressure up the middle against Dallas.

And speaking of pressure up the middle, how much longer will we be keeping McClure? I'd love to hug all of our veteran players and tell them they can stay on our team as long as they want, but center is and has been a place to upgrade. I haven't seen much at all from McClure this season, and I would hope that we move in a younger, somewhat bigger player (you know, who isn't left over from our ZBS days). Nothing against McClure, he has been great for us, but too old and too small, and we are just looking to remove liabilities on our team now.

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