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MNF in New Orleans


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Obviously, we all understand the importance of this game. In my opinion a win in New Orleans Monday Night would be one of the biggest wins in franchise history; however, win or lose, how this team performs in this game will speak volumes for everything we have done or accomplished up until this point... I felt the same way after New England handed it to us in Week 3 when we had to go out to SF after the bye, only it did not matter as much because it was still early and SF wasnt a divisional matchup.

Mike Smith has never lost back-to-back games: We have suffered some pretty bad losses, but the committment and character of this team really shines in this statistic. This may be the single most important thing Coach Smith has accomplished with this team. It proves resilience and determination. I would be shocked if the staff does not prepare more for this upcoming game than any other game up until this date (sparing perhaps last years Playoff game in ARI).

What happens if this trend of never losing back to back games ends? Do we lose 3-4 in a row? I strongly doubt we lose to the Redskins at home, but I mean that more in a sense of years to come down the road. If we do lose at N.O. then it really isnt that big of a deal, even if the Saints win the division, we have plenty of time to regroup and get a stranglehold over a Wildcard berth with a much more manageable 2nd half of the season. But the more important thing to watch is how these players and coaches deal with two very tough losses in a row.

Obviously, if we lose the media will eat us alive, which may be a good thing because I like this team to fly under the radar, but I'm worried about the players' psyche in terms of moving forward this season. If our secondary gets murdered once again, how long can these guys go on, mentally? Would they be able to man-up on a 3rd and 16 in the Playoffs now that we dont have to worry about Brooking?

The worst part is, I don't think there is anything the coaching staff could do to build up confidence and "coach up" those guys for a crucial play/game(s) if they keep hemorrhaging yards to opposing QB's like they do every week. Do any fans have any confidence in the CB's anymore?

I guess only Monday Night will tell the true story.

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