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Matt Ryan - Better or Worse after 6 games this year?


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Ryan is making improvements but because the media has hyped him up as the next Peyton Manning his accomplishments seem underwhelming. Ryan is feeling the heat this season because he is being asked to do so much more with the absence of a running game. It's been well documented that Matt works very hard on his craft, we will just have to wait and see how that translates to his play on the field.

Championships are won on the field, not the film room.

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Work in progress is an understatement. Ryan is so far ahead of other QB's coming into their second year that we tend to forget that this is his second year.

I keep trying to remind everyone. What he is doing for us - considering his age and time in the league - is beyond good - it goes to phenominal. The downside of this is everyone is trying to judge him as a veteran instead of a second year QB.

In five years - when he reaches maturity at the game - it is scary what he could become.

Very good point. He spoiled us from that first ever pass for a TD :D

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Matt's fine, the playcalling i feel is holding him back. I'm worried that by keeping everything bottled up, and not allowing him to take those shots outside 20yds, may affect his accuracy or timing when he is allowed to let it loose. Matt looks great in his patience and his performance before the snap, really putting on a show. I love this guy Matty Ice. He has thrown several balls high this year though, keep 'em down a bit Matty.

I heard Reggie Bush say on NFL Network that he thinks the Saints will go undefeated. Hopefully we can have a hand this Monday night and proving him wrong. Wouldn't that be sweet.

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i don't see how anyone can say ryan regressed or isn't playing as well as last year.

this year he's winning and putting up better numbers with no run game

against better teams. think about where our team would be without ryan this year with an average qb out there.

the line isn't playing as well (even before the dallas game they were still allowing more pressure) and he's having to deal with less 8 in the box (means more defenders in the pass game).

another very good point.

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The problem is not the first 6 games of this year as compared to last year, the problem is that the offense isn't getting better this year. As a matter of fact, the last two games it's looked progressively worse. Ryan included. It's two straight games where the Falcons could not run or pass effectively, and Ryan has thrown multiple interceptions in back to back games for the first time in his career. There is no excuse for this team to be held under 200 yards passing 3 times in 4 games with the talent on this team.

The one positive, and big positive going for this offense, is that it is lethal in the redzone. That's great. Now we just need to get their a little more often.

Mike Mularkey, get to work. I know that you have some deep routes and screen passes in your library there somewhere, dust them off.

I agree. In my mind, the biggest problem is our inconsistent , stagnant offense. It seems to be a combination of different reasons others on the board have already mentioned : o-line lack of protection, run blocking, Turner less explosive, injuries to Ovie, Douglas, Norwood, too much focus I think on forcing plays to Gonzales, not using the no huddle, at times too predictable on offense. Have I left any out? There is definitely room 4 improvement.

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