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Its very apparent to me that we need a few more puzzle pieces

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I think if we ever have a shot at winning a superbowl, we need a few puzzle pieces

Most important i say we need to get one shutdown corner, one the is capable of taking it to the house and more importantly can like down one side of the field. If you get a shut down corner and can have him like down a a half of the field when there is one wr you can leave him out there alone on an island. Playing man coverage. We can blitz the opposite side so the qb has to either throw with people in his face or roll out to the locked down side of the field.

We also need to pick up two knew safetys. Two new coverage safetys that are fast and athletic. Ball hawks...in a few years, our offense should be so good that teams will be throwing on us more often as Ryan learns to read defenses and audible into plays that odds say will work. If we get even one pro bowl safety and one thats above average, we will be unstoppable. Our D-line is young and does need work, but they will continue to get better and will be healthy next year.

I have been watching our team, every play since the early ninetys. This group we have now is so young and with time will gel into one of the best in falcons history. I notice the games we lose are the games we either start off down points or late in games when the point differential spreads to more than one score. Those games are won by teams that are great. Thats why we arent great yet. Look at NO Miami We could never come back from a game that far in the bag.

We need to play to win and go for it on fourth downs and have a play already picked so that on third if we dont get it we just no huddle right into the fourth down play. When you start guessing and questioning it thats when you can tell there is no faith in the Offense. If you have a positive we will get it attitude like a belichek, more times than not they will get it. two yrds is alot easier to get than punt, hold them to a three and out get the ball back and then have to drive the field. After you get it on fourth its demoralizing to the defense and they are on their heels and its almost an added dimension thats on your side. Ive watched hundreds of teams go for it on fourth and i promise you that the percentages of teams that go on to score after a fourth down conversion is pretty **** high up there.

Im not bitchin and its def easier to make the play from the couch, but we have not punted the ball away late in the fourth and made a stop in the last three years. We are not the steeelers or the ravens D, not even close So which squad is better in atlanta the O or the D. Point proven, leave the better squad with more playmakers on the field especially after Romo proved when he had to have a play he made it, even with three guys ready to sack him.

Last comment is that play right there, was the difference in the game. If hes sacked the clock runs out and we have momentum going into half. Opposite occurred and we were deflated. Knowledgeable falcons fans and critics, please comment or flame me if you feel the need, i just like feedback. Im sincere about this topic. i know if you are true to the birds, you will feel the same

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Agree about us not being great yet and about needing to go for it on 4th down.

Our safeties are both good and I only see a need for a decent backup at this point. Realize that they are not getting much help from the pass rush or cbs and yet we don't give up too many long TDs. When those WR light our CBs up it has been DeCoud and Coleman cleaning up the mess before it turns into 6. No one has busted a big run on us and there have been several times when it was one of them making a tackle as the last line of defense.

At CB we really only need a couple of Brian Williamses (easier said than done). Shutdown CB is a luxury that is always good to have but it isn't necessary in our basic cover 2 scheme. Lunchpale guys that are sure tacklers, stay with their guy, avoid penalties, and take care of their assignments would suffice.

We could use a true NT. A big huge fatty who clogs the middle on 1st and second down. I'm also not high on any of our back up Olinemen. If any our 5 starters goes down it could be a major issue.

On the horizon, we'll need to find replacements for Elam, McClure & Peterson. (Biermann will replace Abe)

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