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The Saints' Game


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I've been a Falcon fan for decades so I've seen some doozies over the years. From "Big-Ben-Left" to the ambush after Katrina I have seen them all. This game has nothing to do with records, It has everything to do with imposing your will on the other guy. The Falcons/Saints rivalry is every bit as viral as the Okaland/KC rivalry or the Dallas/Philly rivalry. Throw out all the speculation, this will be a war.

I like our chances by the way.

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Guest The Masked Falcon

You're right: Detroit can run the ball

I'm not one of these posters who gets easily baited by people, especially opposing teams fans.

Suffice to say we will show up Monday night and there's a good chance it won't be the cakewalk you have evidently assured yourself that it will be.

Have a pleasant evening.

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you know what? I've had enough of this, what happened last week happened LAST WEEK. Yea we lost, but he lost to a good team, its not like we lost to the Bucs. We have seen that the Saints can be pushed around, Miami just couldn't finish the job. I say we're gonna finsh the job on Monday. Everyone can say what they want, I think that the whole team is going to rebound from this and really bring it to the Saints, we will game plan against them and Turner will play with a chip on his shoulder. Matty Ice WILL throw to who ever has the best chance to make a play. It wont be pretty but games like this never are

I usually don't rant, but reading all of the negative things on this board made me sick

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