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We havent gotten a play from

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This year's draft class.

This is the time of year that your draft picks start finding ways to get time and make plays.

None of them have contributed anything(peria jerry showed promise).

As the games go on, we get worn down at all positions on defense. You get guys hurt and now you talent level is really thin because the guys you expected to come in an make plays for you THIS season.

The Genius kinda missed this year. We have to see about moore if he ever plays this year.

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Isn't there a long @ss thread about this already???

Anyways....I'd say With Moore still kind of with the injury bug on him we don't really need to rush him especially with how well Decoud is playing. Coleman is coleman he's doing a solid job even if he's out of his natural position. On the other hand though I'm thinking Smith and Co. need to put in some other CB duo for the time being. I really don't mind Grimes, but as most will say he is short but got the heart. Houston...well we all know that situation. All I'm saying is i don't feel TD missed on this draft, we just have solid starters that don't need to be replaced as of right now. We'll bounce back with the Saints game, "I've gotta feeling...That the Saints will lose to Atlanta...that the Saints will lose to Atlantaaaa...WoooHoooo.." =D

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