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Playtime is over.....

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Been awhile since I posted...Just been kinda sitting back and reading everybodys take on our current squad from last season to present day. Put simply...for this season the verdict is pretty much in if we are to have any success. The 2 losses shed alot of light on where we really are...so lets get to it.

If we take another loss Monday night we can still make the playoffs but I don't think that's the issue. Personally I think the Saints will do what they've always done and self-destruct in the 2nd half of the season but as far as our Falcons are concerned I think the focus is Matty.

Our defense is what it is. Personnel wise we cant change it until the draft. The only way our defense is gonna improve is if our offense throttles up and does what it should be doing..then they can just start teeing off on people confident in the fact that points will be scored...and that starts and ends with Matty. He's the Field Commander now. The coaching staff..definately one the best we've ever had but they can only do so much. Brees has taken the Saints on his back and is goin for broke...Matty needs to do the same. Its clear....if Brees isnt focused....there done....even the dolphins showed that. The Saints defense is doing well because there confident in the fact that if they get the ball back to there offense points will be scored and U know what ..as of right now there right.

I think its fair to say no QB we've had has had the weapons that Matty has...MV sure didn't, Bartkowski had something similar but I'll just end that by saying Leeman Bennett.. and not even our 98 had what we have now. Again if its gonna happen this season its gonna start and end with Ryan. Our Wr's will only be as good as he is and the same goes for the running game. Monday nights game should be treated as a playoff game because worst case scenario if things continue the way they are now..we see the Saints again and probably a 3rd time after a playoff bye.

No more excuses...I don't wanna hear sophomore season, TD & Arthur are building something special that takes time or once we get our D together it will happen. With a potential lockout on the horizon and just the parity in the league that kinda talk is just redundant in my opinion. We got the QB, the deep threat, the Alpha TE, the running game, and the coaching staff. Same thing we had in 98 only better at all positions. Our D might have been a little better back then but it wasn't our D that was gonna win that for us nor will it be now.

Getting back to Matty. I'm a fan of the guy but I'm not completely sold on him yet. Monday night is a huge opportunity for him. I think he has more talent than Brees but what he doesn't have is the confidence or swagger. Seem like hes taking orders when he needs to be giving them. With the history of the 2 squads Matty can earn his wings Monday night and our other players will follow his lead. If not us...Who dat gon beat dem Saints!!!!! Being a 30+ year fan...same ole saints as far as I'm concerned. They can destroy everyone else but they still gotta get by us at the end of the day. Undefeated or not we own them and its time to show it. MV said once in a press conference that "sometimes you have to overcome the coaches" and the only place that's gonna happen is on the field. If the saints beat us will depend on Brees..same goes for us with Ryan. Break it down all you want but that's the long and short of it. A statement needs to be made.

Anyway..thats the way IC it....

Lifes a game U gotta play it while U can!!!!!!!

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