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Georgia tells Recruit Martinez is staying


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Right now no changes are planned and I believe CWM is back for next season, but as a position coach only which is all Nickell cares about. He is one of the best defensive back coaches out there.

I wouldn't mind if he stayed on as DBs coach. I've tried telling people that he's an excellent coach, but not many seem to wanna hear it. Whatever it is, I just don't think he's got what it takes to be a good defensive coordinator right now... if he ever will.

Some coaches are really really good at what they do and they get attention for it and move up... but just as there are coaches who are great coordinators and not cut out to be a head coach, there are great position coaches who are not really cut out to do a coordinators job.

There is a difference between coaching technique, coaching up talent and designing the x's and o's for a whole defensive unit against any given offense.

I wouldn't be upset in the least if Martinez stayed on in that role, but I just cannot understand why he would be kept as DC after the ridiculous upward trend since he took over.

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This came from CMR. He will not lie to a recruit. He will tell him exactly where things are right now. Lying to Nickell would only turn bad later.

I'm not saying he's lying...but realistically would they announce that to a kid when they're telling the rest of the world no decision will be made mid-season, etc.?

I don't really see where it'd be wrong to change their minds at the end of the season. Kids should understand that things change and I'm not sold that a kid WON'T come to Georgia b/c Willie won't be there anymore and that's gonna make him change his decision.

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