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Is Michael Turner a tweener between a FB and HB? GREAT CASE STUDY!

Mr. Right

Is 'Tippy-Toes' Turner more of a FB than HB  

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  1. 1. Is 'Tippy-Toes' Turner more of a FB than HB

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We rate him down because of the way he expresses his opinions, I think all of us would be okay with constructive criticism (at least I would) but this clown just tries to insult every player to wear the Falcons shirt. Most probably he is not a Falcons fan and he's just trying to have fun pissing others off, imo if we start ignoring he'll quickly get bored and hopefully disappear.

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Turner will get on track as soon as he and the line decides to take pride in punishing defenders again. I'm not worried about him. He will get in gear. Like a diesel, once he gets warm it will be hard to stop him.

Oh yeah and he is a runningback.

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The 1st mistake is the attempt to compare Turner to RBs like AD or the old LT, he is NOT those RBs. The next mistake is thinking that because he is big, he's just another Ovie.

Turner is more like a Marion Barber or Brandon Jacobs. Not elite, but a big back who can carry the load and occasionally break a big run. Turner just needs to stop falling into the trap of believing that he's a make 'em miss back and instead start delivering punishment when he runs.

These type backs need that change of pace back partnered with them in today's NFL, which makes Norwood very valuable to us.

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Without diving into any sort of detail, I'm going to bring it to it's simplest point...

On the depth chart, next to Turner's name it says HB... Not saying, just saying...

The point I'm trying to make is Turner is one-dimensional. That means when he's in the game, defenses know if Ryan drops back to pass, the ball WILL NOT go to Turner. That means Ryan will be susceptible to the blitz, since Turner will not catch screen passes or dump off passes.

Most backs in the league are able to catch passes.

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We rate him down because of the way he expresses his opinions, I think all of us would be okay with constructive criticism (at least I would) but this clown just tries to insult every player to wear the Falcons shirt. Most probably he is not a Falcons fan and he's just trying to have fun pissing others off, imo if we start ignoring he'll quickly get bored and hopefully disappear.

He's been here for over 6 years on over 50 different names. The only way to keep him gone would be an IP ban or relentless ban runs on him every time he pops up.

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Being a fullback is not too bad. Even Le'Ron McClain manages around 20 receptions a season. Turner this year is on pace for 16, so that's a little bit of an improvement.

Wow, surprising that I even overestimated on this prediction. Turner ended the season with 12 measly receptions. Imagine a RB not getting at least 1 reception a game in today's offense.... i.e. one screen or check down pass.

This problem of being one-dimensional existed at the start of the season, and is still here at the end of the season. This shows that our coaching staff is unwilling to adapt or change.

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Is this a joke? They guy rushed for 3941 yards in 3 season with the Falcons on 888 carries. He has averaged 4.43 yards a carry and scored 39 rushing TD's.

Yes, he is a big back that does not have any wiggle and does not catch the ball much out of the backfield. Anybody that thinks he is a fullback just doesn't know what the heck they are talking about. He is getting to that point where is age is going to slow him down even more, despite being a backup for 4 years in San Diego. He has been worth every penny paid to him. It's just to the point where I can see us moving on from in as our primary back after 2011.

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I think its funny that people rate you down just because you have an opinion. I dont personally believe he is a full back but he is a one dimensional running back like you said. Also he is very inconsistent. Thats my problem with a lot of falcon players, their consistency. I believe this is because he is used way to much and our OC is very inconsistent as well.

Negative -1. I think people rate you down, not because of your opinion, but because it makes no sense and they don't agree with it. You throw it out there, people have the right to tell you it was crazy.

I see too many people that can't see the forest for the trees on this board. They say they heck with a QB that was Rookie of the year and just threw for 3700 yards and made the pro-bowl, they want to complain about his arm and blame him for a terrible defensive effort and a WR falling down in the endzone.

Take off the hate filled glasses and actually be objective. No player is perfect and lacks weaknesses, but we have some good things going and things to be proud of.

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Two Words for you...pay attention when I say them...Jerome Bettis. Jerome wasn't a fullback, and he got his yards. He was a hit you in the face, run right at you half back. I didn't agree with negging you over this, because for some reason, your usual vick-75 hatred towards the Falcons has actually watered down to real analysis of the team. While I don't agree with your assumptions and conclusions, I don't think honest football discussion should be flamed.

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JA32 was the perfect combination of power and finesse... before the knees went out. He'd "wear the defense out" like Turner does but he could also break them long and juke guys right out of their shoes (you all know this, why am I describing him lol)...

As for Turner being a FB... FB's can catch passes out of the backfield... Turner doesn't do that well. Turner is a battering ram - though I loved the block of Ray Lewis! Owned!

You know, in a couple years Barry Sander's kid will be getting old enough... have you seen him play? One word: wow.

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The reason why I bring this up is if you ever watch Turner run, he runs more like a fullback than a half back. Just compare tape between him and top notch backs like Westbrook, Peterson, the old Tomlinson, and other players we equate Turner with, etc...

Now before you post, actually watch some game tape and listen to my analysis. Two conclusions will come from this:

1. Turner is a one-dimensional back - meaning that he is only a power runner and that's it. This makes him more like a FB than HB. This also means that Mularkey can't come up with as many creative plays like screens with Turner, wheel routes, etc...

2. Because Turner is a one-dimensional back, Norwood is CRUCIAL to our team. Norwood brings the change of pace and the possibility of screens, effective check downs, wheel routes, etc... Linebackers in the league can cover Turner, but we all know no LB can cover Norwood - save maybe Thomas Howard.

**No Flaming, Trolling please. This is a very objective case study.


In the first part I'll list his advantages. In the second part, I'll counter those advantages and show the downside of the skill set.

Advantages of his running style:

A. He'll break tackles. Turner (or at least last year's Turner) was a physical beast. We all remember plays where defenders were dragged along as he pushed them off of him. This guy will break tackles.

B. Because of that, he is very physical. This is great for running the clock down, playing in Wintery weather, and wearing the defense down via outhitting them.

C. Turner runs very low to the ground. As opposed to Steven Jackons, McFadden, or Peterson, who stand up, this allows Turner to have a lower center of gravity making him hard to tackle and for him to have good ball control. Besides this year, I'm pretty sure Turner is at the low end of the spectrum when it comes to fumbles. This also allows him to maintain good balance, making him even harder to tackle.

D. Great speed. Turner has great speed as seen in the Lions game last year when he broke great runs after great runs. That's why he's named the 'Burner.'

E. Good size. Turner is one of the larger backs in the league, making him extremely hard do take down. He probably has good pass protection too.

Disadvantages of his running style:

A. Because he's very powerful, he tends to be one-dimensional - meaning that he'd rather run you over than juke you out of your shoes. If you watch any top back in the league, you'd see that they can juke and run you over. Just watch Adrian Peterson for a while and you'd understand. The problem with this is that since he's a power runner, he lacks agility making him a no threat in the passing game. That means when Ryan drops back, Turner isn't a big priority - allowing defenses to key in on Gonzalez and White. Teams who score lots of points use their backs in the passing game via either having a versatile back or having many backs. Giants of Bradshaw, Chargers of Sproles, Eagles of Westbrook, etc... Because of this we don't run screen passes or wheel routes when Turner is in the game allowing defenses to overload the line.

B. Nothing wrong with this. Normally physical backs get injured but Turner seems to stay out of the IR.

C. The problem with running low to the ground is that it makes it harder for you to juke. Your momentum and balance is carrying you forward, making it difficult for lateral movement. Ever seen Turner go 1 on 1 with a defender near the side line and when he tries to juke, he ends up almost jumping over him them instead of juking them. That is no lateral movement.

D. Great straight line speed does not translate to good agility. One of the critics for Usain Bolt playing in the NFL is that although he can run past anybody, can he cut?

E. The problem with good size is that it's harder for him to squeeze through holes. Although Snelling proved otherwise, the offensive line does have to work harder to create running lanes. This is part of the reason why Maurice Jones-Drew is so successful, since holes are easy to create and defenders have a hard time seeing him. This is not a big criticism because both Stephen Jackson and Brandon Jacobs are big and they can run.


-Using these observations, we can show two things. Turner is a one-dimensional back, making him more of a fullback than half back. A, B, C, and maybe E shows why he is suited for the full back position. Only D saves him from this transition, and therefore I believe he's a tweener.

-Because Turner is all about power, we REALLY need a change of pace, speed back. That's why Norwood is CRUCIAL to our offense. Without Norwood, defenses don't have to worry about using a LB to cover Turner or watch for screens. Norwood brings an extra element to the game.


Le me start with what I do agree with. Turner is one demensional and the falcons do need a back that is the jack of all trades. HOWEVER, that is the reason why he is more of a HB. In Marty Ball the HB is really only required to run. FBs are the ones who are the jack of all trades in that system.

If you are talking about a west coast offense or a pass first offense like new orleans or green bay use then I could see your point. Obviously the falcons do not run anything even remotely close to those offenses.

That is why I choose HB. It is because of the system he is in. His only job is to bulldoze DBs.

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I don't see why he's being neg'd hardcore.

I agree that he doesn't go along with the flow, but he did give BOTH good and bad points.

With the way we're running the game and the way we use Turner, we do need a healthy complimentary back.

Snelling is great to keep the style of running to Turner going when the situation needs it, but we do need Norwood to stay healthy or find an equivalent that can stay on the field to play the type of role that Reggie Bush provides for the Saints.

If anything, all he wants is to help create a complete backfield that can do it all and just pointing out that MT can't do it all by himself. And that's not a bad thing, it's just something to point out.

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How times have changed! While I've opened up to Turner's role in the offense as clearly our past success was linked to him (over Ryan) carrying the team, it seems like many today want Turner gone. What happened to the argument that he was lightly used in San Diego so he will be fresh until 40 years old?

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