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BUMP until Drew Brees gets hit by a bus


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Right, they seem a little scared over here. We'd have to chop off Brees' throwing arm to make it a fair game. Im sure they'd probably go for that.

Pretty sad when they're hanging any chance of winning on an injury. It really speaks volumes as to what they really think about their team.

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Been a Saints fan since I was 10 years old, am 42 now. Not a bandwagon jumper nor have I ever wished harm on an opposing player, nice try..................go play while the grownups talk.

Go play while the grown ups talk..

Did you fetch that one out of your book of original comebacks?

Anyway.. the Saints have their share of die-hards.. but also plenty of fairweather types.. which couldn't have been more evident during their run that ended in the championship game against the Bears.

And.. I like to see my team put a hurtin' on who they're playing.. it doesn't have to be cheap nor dirty.. but still painful nonetheless.

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Sorry i just can't agree with harm on another player to where he can't play the game. I rather beat them at full strength to prove we are the better team. Plus i would never want to chop Brees arm off he throws the falcons plenty of interceptions with that arm already if i remember correctly 3 in just 1 game last year :D Believe it or not the Falcons and saints match up very well together compared to other teams against us. We both run quick defense that counter the opposing offense. We did have 1 up on you with a good power running game but with the way thats going right now you can't add that in. Should be a good game actually.

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Fairweather types. I bet you are one of those Falcons fans that suddenly liked them, when they were winning last year. Now don't deny it, you probably are.

Never followed them until they got to the playoffs last year. Man I feel sorry for you.

Who are you gonna root for next year? Dallas?

And ladies and gents, there's your encore.

I stick with one team through thick and thin, troll. Not that you'd understand, you're new around here, posting angrily because another poster.. mainly me it appears.. is being mean talking smack about another team he has to rooting interest for. Boo Hoo. I'll try to be more sensitive toward your feelings.. yeah.. the day that happens is the day I take interest in Dallas in any, way, shape or form... another words.. no chance.

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Stay classy Atlanta..........

its a shame you guys would wish harm on a player......

well here's to hoping that all your wishes of brees injuries become the points he drops on you.

thats about the only shot you guys would have at beating the saints this year.

have fun watching the playoffs from the living room boys.

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