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Its ONE game

Herr Doktor

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Yes, we were manhandled. Yes our offense is sputtering. Yes, we cannot seem to run the rock for beans. BUT, I am not losing hope for the year. Why? Because of the organization that is in place. We have a top notch coach who is in physical pain about this loss. We have a QB who will stew and study and do whatever it takes to get better. Quitrino isn't here any more. We have a real coaching staff who will FIX this problem, or at least do the right things needed.

I still have faith. Its time to flush away the negative and call it a learning experience. We have a WAR on our hands with Nawlins. We have to get our heads into the game, players, coaches, management, organization and fans. Its time to rally around the team and move along to the next challenge. The secondary will have to step up. There is NO ALTERNATIVE TO THIS. And anything less from this organization is simply not good enough anymore. The time for excuses is over. The time for finger pointing has ended. IT IS TIME TO PLAY FOOTBALL, AND WIN.

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