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I admit it. The Cowboys finally beat a good team


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Before the game, I promised I would show up and admit the better team won, and they did.

Our first drive looked good and the first drive of the 3rd Q, but that's about it.

The Cowboys were rested, playing at home, and this was about as 'must win' as it gets this early in the season. If they had lost, they'd be 1-2 at home, and there would be calls for Wade's head.

Instead, they took advantage of every opportunity, and our weaknesses were exposed. I don't think the Cowboys are going to go far, and to be honest, the Falcons need to address their shortcomings soon too.

Tackling was poor. Our CBs are small and inexperienced. We need to air it out at least 2-3 times a game, and I don't know if the long ball was just not called, or if Matt Ryan didn't have time for a bomb to develop.

Anyway, good win for the Cowboys, and for the Falcons, a bigger challenge a week from tonight. Good luck everyone.

P.S. Glad there were no major injuries on either side.

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The 'Boys just wanted it more in my eyes...They played their hearts out and we didn't....Plain and simple

^^^^^ This is True!

There were several things that bothered me watching this game.

1st : "Mike Smith spending more time worrying about the sunlight issue and complaining about the stadium instead of managing the game".

2nd : "The play calling, Turner is a North/South runner and not somebody to be trying to run to the corners or the outside, if they are going to do that then they need to use a 4 WR set" JMO.... And it almost Mirrored the loss to the Patriots with the play calling. They kept rolling Matt out right and playing the right side of the field. I know they were looking for Roddy White, but if it ain't working after a quarter it's time to do something different. Plain and simple. Football play calling match ups shouldn't be game planed on paper alone, if it ain't working do something different.

3rd : "I don't care what anybody says, the controversy over that stupid BIG SCREEN TV in the cowboys stadium, It looked like it affected Michael K. when he was punting for the FALCONS, he was lobbing punts and appeared like that just the thought of that must have got in his mind just enough to effect his delivery". An unfair advantage perhaps, but an uncharacteristic performance by Michael K..

4th : "The tempo of this game got out of hand, we went to the NO HUDDLE offense really for NO REASON AT ALL". It's easy to figure out when you see what happened with the first drive for a score by the FALCONS, there was NOT A NO HUDDLE offense and they controlled the TEMPO of this game". After a sack or two it did look like Matt Ryan was trying to do too much, they should have called a timeout.

Speaking of Timeouts, on that 4th down in the 4th quarter and almost everybody including me thought the FALCONS should have went for it given the time left and the score, AT THE VERY LEAST Mike Smith should have "CALLED A TIME OUT" to talk about it and allow the defense time to get ready to cover the punt. It looked like the same TEMPO issue's that I was talking about earlier. The defense got caught off guard, to say otherwise would be wrong IMO. It was so uncharacteristic of how the FALCONS played all last season and up until this game vs. Dallas covering punts.

Tempo has a whole lot to do with how a team performs/reacts/executes/delivers success on the field.

Don't get me wrong, I ain't making excuses, the FALCONS just got beat. But what bothers me is it looks like they beat themselves with simple basic mistakes. The good news is they are easily correctable mistakes, I just hope they get attention this week preparing for the Aint's.

Just my opinion, Flame on, disagree, whatever you would like. I've kept my opinion to myself and thought about it, and this is what I think about this game....

Either way, GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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