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Beating New Orleans...


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This is a division game. Anything is possible.

Dallas had been poor at getting to the QB this season and we had been exceptional at protecting the passer. SF had been flat out dominant on defense and our offense hadn't really gotten going. What happened in each of those contests? Basicly the opposite of what was expected. I point this out because on any given Sunday anything can happen. Didn't the Raiders whoop the Eagles?

Beating New Orleans:

On offense: The Saints like to blitz. The way to slow that blitz down is the power running game and screens to the RBs and WRs. Also, when they put their 3 man DL out there Ryan should go to the sugar huddle and start calling run plays. The defense will not be able to substitute and will be at a disadvantage. These tactics should also help prevent turnovers and keep the ball away from their offense. We have played some physical defenses but these guys are more speed than strength, there is an opportunity here to get Turner rolling, especially if Mughelli is back. We will need Ryan and Roddy to hook up on the quick screen when they are bringing the house. If you watched what Favre did yesterday vs the Steelers, hitting his recievers nearly immediately at the snap, you know what I'm talking about. While I've wanted more deep balls to the WR all season, in this contest I'd prefer to marginalize Sharper and simply move the ball consistently forward.

On defense: No one has found a way to stop them yet. If the Giants front couldn't generate a pass rush on their own I don't see how ours will. We need to ask our corners to disrupt routes at the snap and have our safeties help over the top. We must punish the recievers after the catch. I think we should blitz our OLBs behind our DEs. When Bush is in the game we should hit him before 5 yards on routes and force him to protect against blitzers. He is weak in both regards and so is Shockey. We will have coverage tilted toward the half of the field we are hoping our blitzing lb forces Brees to throw to. Sometimes this will backfire, but it could lead to some negative plays as well. I'd love to say that we need to hit Brees in the mouth, but I'm just not sure that is realistic. Our best shot would be a DT collapsing the pocket from the inside, but like I said, the Giants couldn't. It may be a pipe dream, but a breakout performance from Jamaal Anderson in this one game could erase 2+ years of disappointment.

Special Teams: If our offense can keep us in the game, our special teams can be the difference maker. Everytime I've watched New Orleans play this season, their kick coverage has looked shaky.

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