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Falcons' Backfield Woes


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2008 -- we allowed teams to pass all over us all year long. Remember how we countered it? Oh yeah, we had that guy, what was his name... MICHAEL TURNER. I was so excited to have such a serious running threat that wasn't Michael Vick, but I think the wheels have come all-the-way off for Turner. Last year took a punishing toll on his body and he looks lost and alone out there. Defenses are effortlessly feasting on his rushing attempts, but is there more to this then just good defensive schemes? Yes...

Just watch him the second he takes the hand-off. He stares at the designed gap, and only that gap. Not sure if you know this, but "designed" plays rarely go off without the opposing teams disruption in the NFL unless you are playing the Rams, just ask Turner. We cannot afford to not have a running game OR a Tailback who refuses to bump outside of the designed gap and find something else to create a running lane to move the chains. Furthermore, Turner runs into the tackle half of the time!

Take Jason Snelling for example. On his 20+ yard scamper (excellent run and vision by the way) yesterday was executed to perfection. His designed gap was completely blown up by the Cowboys' interior and he stayed patient and used his vision to bump outside and find a huge hole in which he picked up a nice chunk of yardage. This, unlike Turner who would have run straight into it, is how you play the Tailback position. I really think Snelling needs more reps in practice and carries in the game. A healthy combination of Snelling an Norwood could go a long way to righting this ship that appears to be sinking. We can only hope Norwood and Mughelli can get back on the field for Monday Night and that the Coaching Staff does some hard thinking about letting Snelling make his presence felt.

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