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Do We Bite the Bullet and Call Adam Jones?

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Times are bad. Our secondary is worse. We can't keep giving up 300+ yards passing. Cowboys got no resistance from our team, and we might need to bring in a vet who has shown they can actually cover.

Should we put Atlanta strip clubs on notice, and bring in Pacman? Last thing I read on McKenzie was he couldn't run anymore. Ty Law is older than dirt, but he's not bad. Who else is available who could actually be an improvement?

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We have a lot of great quality players that couldn't cover a bed if they were a blanket.

Plus, Williams had that DUI where he said abunch of racist stuff. But dang it he could cover someone! Our filter seems to have a few holes...

Oh I agree that we focus on character a little too much... however that being said I've never really heard about Williams DUI.

Unfortunately EVERYONE knows all about Pac Mans problems.

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CB Chris Houston. At least 1 Pass Interference a game. To soft in zone coverage. Never gets head around. Celebrates on drop balls. Change directions to slow never jumps or lay out for plays. Has huge muscular arms for and NFL CB who can’t jam WR

Grimes is too short and is not a gamer… Gamer= someone who will find a way to beat someone much better than them even if they have to use a little cheating, intimidation or the guy is great for slot but know what you want a 4.45 5foot 9 guy on the wings. That’s simply STUPID

And Jackson I have been looking hard for one reason why we drafted him. Maybe he had a great look in the LSU uniforms. Honestly that’s all I can find.


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