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Five things we learned from the Dallas game


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DIRTY BIRDLAND – Let’s get right to the point.

Five things we learned from the Dallas game.

1. STAY ON THE SCRIPT: The opening drive was a masterpiece. The Falcons script their first 15 plays.

When the offense went “off script,” it grinded to a halt.

“Second drive, we went out and had two drops and the penalty,” Falcons coach Mike Smith said.

Wonder why you can’t “stay on script” if the script is working?

“They came back and made some adjustments,” quarterback Matt Ryan said. “They played well up front and in the secondary. It’s frustrating because we feel like we can play better. But that’s a good defense that we played.”

2. WHERE WAS THE NO-HUDDLE?: The Falcons didn’t go to their vaunted no-huddle attack. The one that served them so well against the Chicago Bears. The one they scored two touchdowns, just last week.

If somebody finds the Falcons’ no-huddle offense, return it to them by next Monday night.

3. ROMO PULLS A HOUDINI: Free safety Thomas DeCoud had the best line after the game.

“He was Houdini today,” DeCoud said. “He made a lot of great escapes. It’s a credit to his talent as a quarterback.”

Defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux had the first shot at Romo on that touchdown pass right before halftime.

“The play was out there to make and I just missed my assignment on tackling him,” Babineaux said. “He made a good play off of our mistake.”

But you had him?

“He ducked out of it,” Babineaux said. “I couldn’t grab him with my right hand. He got loose and made a good play off of it. We just left too many plays out there.”

4. OFFENSIVE LINE GOT TOSSED AROUND: Right tackle Tyson Clabo and the rest of his line mates had a rough day

DeMarcus Ware had two sacks and made things rough for Ryan. (Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News).

DeMarcus Ware had two sacks and made things rough for Ryan. (Vernon Bryant/Dallas Morning News).

against the Cowboys.

“We knew we had a challenge on our hands,” Clabo said. “The problem . . . is that they have five good pass rushers. We were a lot of times just one-one-one with those guys. You can’t put a back on those guys.”

Clabo was clear about what happened in Dallas.

“They kind of whipped us,” Clabo said. “It wasn’t a surprise to me. We knew they were good pass rushers. We’ve got to do a better job. It’s really inexcusable.”

5. RYAN UNDER FIRE: The Cowboys made things rough on Ryan. He was under heavy pressure and was sacked four times.

His 66.1 passer rating was his lowest of the season and his second-straight sub-70 game.

“Pressure affects the passing game,” Ryan said.

They Falcons have to get a lot of things in order before the head down to New Orleans for next week’s Monday Night showdown in the NFC South.

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