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Active, Dedicated, Mature PS3 Madden SIM league filling up! Get your spot now!

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*2 games a week.

* No cheese. Pure sim. There will be some minor rules, but if you need to look at them in order to play sim, you are probably in the wrong league. No rubbing in the score/going for it on 4th and long on your own side of the field when your up by a TD. Had to say it.

*Free for all free agency. It's too much of a pain to try to manage it.

*In order to ensure parody in the league, and balance out the free for all that is free agency, the Super Bowl winner would be asked to drop 3 players above 80 between the two seasons, the runner up would have to drop 2 players in the 80's and the loser of the two conference championship games would have to drop 1 player in the 80's each. These players would be made available for the "Balancing Draft" which will include the 4 worst records in the league. Should you be a owner of one of the two worst teams in the league, and you stick with it through the entire season, you will be rewarded with a second balancing draft pick.

*The draft will be held online. For this reason, there can be no trading of draft picks. This is because if you trade someone a draft pick and you don't show up to the draft, you can't pick the player that they wanted. Big mess. I decided to do the online draft so that the draft would serve as a reward to those that showed up.

* Trash talking is totally acceptable. In fact, it's encouraged! However, if you are verbally abusive you will be removed from the league, no questions asked. If you don't know the difference between trash talk and verbal abuse, once again you might have the wrong league.

* Lastly, while I want to establish a sense of community by having us all meet on a certain day, life doesn't always work like that. YOU MAY PLAY YOUR GAME ON ANY DAY IF YOU MUST! However, if you do not play your game, and you don't inform the league or the opponent on the message board that you will be absent, you will be booted with no questions asked and not re-admitted. No one has time to track you down. Furthermore, if you repeatedly miss games, even giving notice and taking the proper steps in communicating your absence, you will be removed from the league. This league is for busy, but courteous adults ONLY!

League settings:

10 min quarters

Accelerated Clock: 20 sec run off

All Pro Difficulty

Visit the league website to sign-up (link below). After you have signed up, stay awhile and chat (or leave a note) on the chat room and vote on the polls in the "Let Your Voice Be Heard" Forum. I can verify that all owners signed up thus far are super active and cool guys. I've been in a league with all of them already.

League website: http://grantpe75.proboards.com/index.cgi

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