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We're a GOOD team, just not GREAT

Bring It

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The Falcons are indeed a GOOD team, but not a GREAT team.

Big deal.

Out of the 32 NFL teams there are approx. SIX elite or great teams. We just are not there yet. We're somewhere in the next tier. H.ell, TD and Smitty have only been at this for 18 months. Need a little more time that's all.

Next Monday nite the entire world will be picking the Saints to win..........easily.

How nice.

Let's see what our Falcons are made of.

Let's see what happens next week in the Big Sleazy.

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I'd close this topic now... or at least note that we will or can be GREAT by the end of the season. We knew there were going to be growing pains going into this season. I fully expect us to be GREAT by the end of this season. A 4-2 record, with losses to two good teams in their stadiums is not enough to make me not call this team GREAT.


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