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24 hour rule


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Yea we loss to Dallas, as much as it sucked in the end its not that big of a deal.

We still have a good conference record , and we still play some super weak nfc teams ( tampa twice, the redskins, the panthers,the giants all of a sudden look terrible.....and we also have the bills coming in later in the year...

So we are 4-2, 3-1 in the nfc are still in great shape.... here in a a few hours we need to forget about Dallas and move forward thinking about the saints.... which will be a tough game but it IS VERY WINNABLE.

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very winnable by whose standards??Did you watch them come back from 21 down to win??or do you realize they are 6-0 and i hate to say it without loosing my breakfast, but one of the best teams in the nfl??Did you watch our offense against a mediocre dallas defense, and our defense against a mediocre offense???

Its a very winnable game by anyone who watches football standards why?

Because its a division game........and a division rivalry. and what you do against someone else has no bearing on that game.

BUT if you do want to play that game

Dolphins scored 7 on us, wit ha veteran qb who has a great winning %

They scored 34 on the saints with a virtual rookie qb.....

The saints look like one of the best teams in the nfl because they have gotten to feast on young inexperienced/BAD qbs

The only 2 qbs who the saints have played all year with more then 5 starts are Manning ( who threw 3 picks against a bad cardnials defense) and Trent Edwards

they have played in order a rookie making first career start, a 2nd year playing making his first career start,Trent Edwards, a rookie making 4th career start, Eli Manning, and now a 2nd year player making his 3rd career start.

NONE of those teams have a wr who has the talent of Roddy White (save maybe the lions with Johnson.......but they are the lions)( the bills dont count because TO is done and Evens is overrated) who while not getting alot of yards has been getting Td's and is the most physical wr the saints will play yet.

NONE of those teams have a TE threat like Gonzo.

NONE of those teams have a good of O-line at protecting the qb ( the dallas game aside, which if you look at what the phins did against the saints Oline...you cant talk about what Dallas did)

Not to mention we have played two teams strait coming off a bye, where guys were rested and coaches had 2 weeks to prepare....That's not happening this week.

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