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lets list some positives from this game


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1. decoud is our best db... (even tho he got beat once)

2. JA98 is playin well imo

3. roddy white is gettin in the endzone a lot more this year

4. LOL when houston got beat on that corner route to austin, he actually got his head around. perfectly thrown ball tho, so i wanna see more of that from houston.

5. WE ARE 4-2!!!!

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3. Snelling is a capable backup.

He looks more than a capable backup right now.

I still am seeing improvement from Jamaal.

Dallas took a punt to the house, and with are special team coach and what we did last year and this year thus far, I dont believe we will see that happen again.

In the 2nd qt I believe we beat ourselves. kind of like we did in the 3rd qt against the patriots. In both losses we did not play 60 minutes of football. And when you beat your self you learn from it like everything else but you take it to heart like we did heading into San Fran after the loss to New England

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