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agree completely .... seems like there are a bunch of high school kids that post on these boards.... we are 4-2 and still have a good prospect for the rest of the season... .sure we have to fix a few things.... but thats life in the NFL... you are going to lose games as well

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the season is not over yet and all you wanna be fans need to get over it. We're still have tough games ahead. Saints and others. Please do not start acting like chicken littles. But some people, its just in their DNA. ;) We lost 5 last year if you remember?

get over it losses happen


agree, true fans know we are still in a good spot to reach the playoffs, we just need to play and the coaches to take Matt Ryan's shackles off and air it out. Plus get new cornerbacks. Oh yeah we also have to execute better. Otherwise I think we are fine.

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