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10 observations from the game


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usually do this on Monday, but wanted to get this one over with quick

1. I agree with a small minority of us on these boards, its just 1 loss, we are still a good team, but some disturbing trends are apparent

2. Felt like we could have had more plays to Roddy, but for some reason only occasionally went his way

3. Brent Grimes can not tackle, he needs to drop down to nickel, Chris Owens/Tye Hill/Chevis cant be that bad,

what worries me more is that this was the first game without Williams and Romo threw for over 300 yds in basically 3 qrtrs of play, secondary worries me

4. You can just tell when our offense is out of sync, we did the no huddle... ONCE???

5. Dont look now but Abe has been pretty silent lately and hasnt looked as quick or dominant since basically the Miami game

6. I am glad we are done playing the 3-4 D for awhile, we didnt do anything with the run against those teams

7. Our run D hasnt looked that bad the past couple of weeks, since the loss against NE its been a strength

8. Mularkey has not figured out how to use these weapons, no more 2 TE sets, we are a 1-2 Back, 2-3 WR 1 TE team

9. We havent lost 2 games in the Mike Smith/Matt Ryan era, but this game against NO will be huge

with our schedule... 5-5 is staring us in the face

10. Still great to be a falcons fan, I would love to get the back to back winning season thing gone, but at least we are a winning team moving in the right direction

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