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why all the hate on the CB's


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I cant talk bad about these guys or anyone on the DEF really, we knew they would be pretty bad from the get go this year. I think we should thank these guys because they won us the last few games with there pretty good play.

I CAN see some hate with the other side of the ball, they said we would be great this year and we have a hard time keeping up with teams this year. No running game, no big plays with the WR , not much going on with the TE like we all thought. Not sure whats going on but it's crazy

It will turn around guys, maybe this is what this teams needed

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maybe because they are monumentally horrid? and because even when we overcompensate and try to hide our weakness and play prevent, its the same as pouring water into a leaking bucket.

the only problem w/ the offense is mike mularky, the guy can't coach and its plain as day.

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