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Saints offensive information


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We look forward to a good match from our falcon friends. We know your looking for payback from that monday night, lets try to make this civil. After a 24-3 beat down, we are still here, this is New Orleans.

Please post your players, we would like a look.

Why our boys fight



Some info on Brees please post some character videos o thanks



I am not responsible for music, hate it ,lol






Bush ( most discount this guy, but hes a closer, most of us love this guy, good kid)


Pierre Thomas


Mike Bell

Heath Evans


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inside the numbers:

Saints Offensive Ranks:

1st in total yardage

6th in passing

3rd in rushing

1st in points scored

Falcons Offensive Ranks:

19th in total yards

17th in passing

19th in rushing

12th in scoring

Saints Defensive Ranks:

11th in total yards

14th against the pass

8th against the rush

18th in points allowed

Falcon Defensive Ranks:

25th in total yards

26th against the pass

23rd against the rush

11 in points allowed


Saints +8

Falcons +3

another hard game, and another monday. Falcons players better come to fight, this team will come to play. Good game to all no injuries.

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