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Some good, some bad....

Chris D

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Good game imo. There were a few blunders....No one on the Falcons was making a tackle, but the game wasn't SO bad. I think Mike Smith made a horrible decision by telling the team to punt it away, they would have gotten the first. Matty Ice was ready to go. Does Smith not believe in Matt? What in the world was that all about? If your quarterback thinks he can get a first down, then why not believe in the guy? There was 9 minutes left. I feel like if they got that first down, all the momentum would have went to the Falcons.


The Good

- JA98 continues to show that at the NT position, he can really get the job done. He bursts right through the line, he especially showed this when he took Barber down behind the line of scrimmage. The guy has a load of strength, he pulled him right back to his body behind the LOS with one arm...

- Grimes and Houston both doing a great job covering their man. (Read more for those who want to bash me for that)

- Offensive line doing better with getting less penalties, always a plus!

The Bad

- Questionable coaching calls continue to be a factor.

- Turnovers.

- Offensive line? Michael Turner? Which is it? My pick, Michael Turner. Snelling showed great burst, and had a great game behind the Atlanta O-line, Turner just isn't producing. Especially for the amount of money he is getting from the Falcons. He's a great back, but until he gets back into his groove, I'm afraid to watch him, it's almost becoming a question as to maybe Snelling should be the go-to guy.

- Missed tackles, man, missed tackles galore tonight.

- Chris Houston can't jump or get his head around.

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sounds about right , Not sure whats going on with the big play like last year and we have a better TE. I didnt want to come on here and say it but i'am glad its out now, turner has looked like he is giving up when hit, slow to hit the holes and get the hand offs. And gets taken down by the first guy to hit him.

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