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Norwood in -The offense moves

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That is the truth right there..With him another dimension swing passes ..Dont over the load the box brings the big play threat with running game and can catch passes out of backfield and turn up..

Without him we look like trash..Im not saying Norwood has done much this year but his presence in the lineup is huge

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I love Norwood and wish he wasn't hurt, but I agree 100%. The reason the offense functions so well when Norwood gets plays is because he gains at least 4 yards from his speed alone creating shorter second and third downs. His ability to gain 4 to 5 yards consistently helps the Falcons so much. Best proof of this was the Bears Falcons game. I was at the game and when the offense started moving they were running toss plays and short underneath routes to Norwood. I didn't even know he was hurt until I realized the offense was not moving anymore.

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