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4-2 aint bad

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I was as negative as anybody during the latter part of the game, BUT...

These threads about firing the coaches and matt ryan sux are just absurd. Fair weather fans, feel free to go hang yourselves, because I have seen a lot worse years than this.

Matt ryan is a good QB. This game he got hit a lot, made some bad decisions. He has been a little tentative all year, but this game will be good for him, I think. The next time he gets run at a lot, he won't be as shaky, and I think our OL will rebound.

Our bend but don't break D got killed today. Not to be negative, but that doesn't bode well for our games against NO.

I have high hopes for this team, but until our run blocking and defense improves, we're a bit of a pretender in the NFC. But with some more experience this team CAN mature and gel better. We'll just have to see what happens.

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4 - 2 isn't too bad considering our schedule. however, this game hurt. we SHOULD have won it

based on what?

the only time we even moved the ball was the first possesions of the first and second half and in garbage time when the game was in the bag. our defense got shredded. we were outplayed and out gunned.

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I'm a realist, and most realists will say we REALLY needed this game. It's one thing if we were playing the Raiders AND they were in our division, but they aren't. We came out flat after that first drive and never recovered. The Saints are one of the best teams in the league (and could easily win today)...and they are our upcoming opponent. This was a beatable team and we laid an egg. Let's hope we get our ish together for the Saints game...a performance like today and they will blow us out the water.

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