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I won't belabor the point - this place is a PALACE, surpassing my very lofty expectations. We get it - the Cowboys have an amazing new stadium. For photos, video and all that jazz, check out the ongoing Twitter stream from the Falcons new media team. (Go HERE and click the "Twitter Feed" link on the left).

Much more importantly, we have a football game to play today. With the Falcons sitting at 4-1 and with 3 teams (at 3:19 pm) in front of them in the NFC - along with SIX teams lurking in a logjam right behind them at 3-2 - this one is HUGE. Playoff implications, mid-season momentum, league-wide respect. Ninety percent of the country will receive this broadcast, and having just coming from the Falcons locker room I can tell you this team is JACKED.

Let's match their intensity. Let's send energy from wherever you're watching to the Falcons sideline. Let's join Coach Smith's warriors as they emerge from these doors in 45 minutes to take what's theirs: another victory, another step in the PROCESS.

Are you ready for some FALCONS FOOTBALL?


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[quote name='Libid21' date='25 October 2009 - 02:49 PM' timestamp='1256500154'

Update on the Game: ****, Harvin scored a TD. I want hte Vikings to lose and the Steelers to quickly end the game already!

Did you see the kicker effort at tackling. Dam.

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