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Clemson Beats # 10 Miami in OT

Cable Guy

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The Clemson annual rollercoaster continues, but this time it appears it might be able to land in the ACC championship game. MIGHT.

However, I really do like what the offense is doing now with getting the TE's and RB's more involved in the passing game, and less of the 5 wideout sets. Outside of Ford, there is not a single WR that is consistent, and Palmer, Allen, Spiller, and Ellington are more capable.

The confusion on offense that marked the TCU and Maryland games has popped up far less the last two weeks. Don't know if Dabo is letting Napier run the show more, or if it is the other way around. I would guess more Napier than Dabo as Dabo loves the spread, while Napier is more used to dual TE sets. Perhaps their embarrassing episode in front of the team and the band a few weeks back led to a better understanding.

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