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Roy Williamson may be out this weekend


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Cowboys coach Wade Phillips revealed Friday that he is considering holding Roy E. Williams (ribs) out for Week 7.

Williams has practiced all week, but hasn't looked good doing it. "You can tell he's in pain sometimes during practice, catching the ball," Phillips said. "I think it's lessened as the week has gone along, but we'll see where he is today." How Williams looks in Friday's practice will be a deciding factor. Miles Austin could be a target monster against Atlanta if he can't play.



LOL, I said Williamson. You guys of course know who I mean so don't make fun of me. :P

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lol. I was coming in to tease you about the Williamson thing but nyou already caught it. lol. I hope he's out. He hasn't been exactly tearing it up but he is a huge guy for our small corners to cover.

Yep - even playing with Detroit last year - I remember he had a TD and half a buck running.

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Sucks, crayton is better then williams, actually the other 2 wr's both have better numbers then williams.

Because Roy has been hurt and they've played more games lol. Crayton has more drops than any other receiver on the team. I like Crayton though but he's a slot receiver. And his best effective in that position.

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