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Have to disagree there. I don't think it's so much he's having an off year as that about 10 holding calls have been missed ever since the Pats game!!! I swear, Pace was trying to STRANGLE him at multiple points (not to mention sit on him), and the commentators (and, evidently, the refs) were saying, "Oh, look how Pace is just holding him in check there." angry.gif

I'm with another poster from two weeks back ... we need to oil up his jersey. If the refs aren't going to call anything, he's got to get an advantage somehow!

Well ya know... I can't disagree with that and I'm with you that he has been getting held a lot. What Pace did in regards to laying on him was legal though. Can't recall if he held/threw him to the ground but laying on top of him as far as I know is legal..lol.

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