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I think we will have a bit more drama than that. I see both defenses giving up a few big plays. Barber and Turner both bust 100 yards and each score 2 TD's. Ryan has a solid afternoon with a workman like 250 yards. Romo goes for 295, just shy of the 300 mark. Witten and Gonzalez have solid games, Witten going for 110, Gonzalez for 95. Tony G gets a touchdown. Eric Weems scores a touchdown from a punt return. Game ends in regular time 28 a piece. The Falcons lose the toss and have to defend. Romo rolls, but is intercepted by Houston at the Falcons 10. Ryan goes no huddle and drives us into field goal range. Elam boots the game winner from the cowboys 35 yard line. Final score Falcons 31, Cowboys 28.

Texas declares a state wide day of mourning for Monday. Phillips is escorted form the Stadium via "Limo". Jerry Jones annoints himself Emporer of Dallas. Romo in a moment of intense sadness, leaves football to become a shaolin monk. In an event described as "**** Freezing Over" Jimmy Johnson is asked back to coach the remainder of the season. His Hair accepts the task.

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Cowboys 31 - Falcons 17

Cowboys get a much needed win against a solid contender and quiet things down at the ranch for atleast a week. The running backs carry this game while Demarcus Ware sacks Ryan twice. Turner gets limited to only 50 yards rushing on 20 carries.

F**K the Cowboys?

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