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The wait is over Falcons fans


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Perhaps some spoke a little too soon when they claimed he didn't have talent to play in the NFL, moving him inside was just a desperate attempt at salvaging a bust, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The revisionists will show up with all their altered arguments, but as time goes on it is looking like they were simply wrong in calling JA98 a bust(and will never admit it).

Chuck Smith saw this talent, the coaches and GM saw it.....only the haters were blind to it.

Bottom line, a bust doesn't start every game in his 3rd season and get called "a monster of a DT". The fact is, JA98 has been in the backfield a lot this year, despite the haters claiming otherwise.

I will admit I was really strating to doubt his ability and was probably thinking bust. I am more than happy to admit that I dont know what the heck I am talking about. Go for you JA98 and keep on truckin'

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There have been those moments of teasing. It took 13 years before the fan base even saw a playoff product. 1998 was about as bad or good as it gets. Michael Vick brought some excitement and a few good seasons, but if you're like me, even during that run I couldn't help but feel it was a one-man show and little was being done to build the team the right way.

Ain't that the truth...:rolleyes:...I thought about this at the end of every season when Vick was here.

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Article by D. Cox

('From the Examiner's Desk' is a weekly first-person column from Atlanta Falcons Examiner Daniel Cox, discussing something from the Falcons that's catching his eye.)

Okay, Detroit may have a case. But the Pistons were relevant only a few years ago and the Tigers are touch-and-go good.

Ummmmm...can anybody say the Redwings?!?!? Heloooooo???

WTF? :blink:

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