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Thursday, October 22, 2009

4:01:22 pm Falcons DL Jamaal Anderson's play has picked up in his third year in Atlanta, something he attributes to offseason workouts and better preparation. "There's a difference in my body, it's the best it's felt in a long time," Anderson said. "I'm down to 273 (pounds) and I spent a great amount of time working out this summer to focus on this season."

4:00:48 pm Falcons DL Jamaal Anderson doesn't quite remember when or how he got put at DT. He just said it happened and it has paid off. "I just remember them throwing me in there on the bye week," Anderson said. "I guess I showed them something I was capable of doing so they stuck with it."

4:00:11 pm Falcons CB Tye Hill has been inactive every game this season. But Hill said he feels ready whenever the Falcons want to put him on the field. "If my number's called I will be ready," Hill said. "I've been working hard to catch up but I didn't have the training camp reps or the OTAs. As far as being comfortable enough to play, yeah (I do)."

3:59:27 pm Falcons CB Tye Hill's situation has been conpared to that of former Falcons CB Domonique Foxworth, who came in last year and had to sit out a few games and learn the system before playing. "I'm aware of (Foxworth) coming in last year," Hill said. "But I just want to play. And I'm sure the mentality (Foxworth) came in with."

3:58:49 pm Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez said he didn't expect the running game to get off to the somewhat slow start. "It's a little surprising, but it's coming," he said. "But if you look statistically, if you have a good running game you're going to win. And we have a good RB and it looks like defenses are trying to stop that."

3:55:08 pm The Falcons red zone offense has fared well this season, part of that being because of all the options Atlanta has on offense. "I think we've been able to keep teams off balanced," TE Tony Gonzalez said. "Last year the Falcons got to the red zone and you knew what they were going to do, and that's run the ball."

3:53:24 pm Falcons coach Mike Smith said that as of now CB Chevis Jackson will be the primary nickel back on Sunday at Dallas.

3:52:48 pm In last Sunday's game book from Atlanta's game against Chicago, CB Brent Grimes received a start over CB Chris Houston. But Falcons coach Mike Smith said the changes were made because of matchups. "Starts can be based on the personnel group they present," Smith said.

3:51:18 pm Dallas coach Wade Phillips said the Cowboys must win Sunday against Atlanta. Falcons coach Mike Smith was asked for his response: "You don't really concern yourself about another team's mindset," Smith said. "Our mindset is it's another game for us and that it's important we play efficient football."

3:48:42 pm Falcons S Jamaal Fudge, who signed with Atlanta Tuesday to help with DB Brian Williams' absence, said he expects to play on special teams against Dallas. "On special teams, I'll be out there this week," Fudge said. "But it'll build up as far as coming in on defense to spell whoever needs a break."

3:47:26 pm Much has been made of the fact that Falcons RB Michael Turner only has 353 rushing yards this season after his 1,699-yard campaign in 2008. But Turner's not concerned as long as the Falcons keep winning. "We're getting it done when it matters most," Turner said. "We're 4-1 and that's good because we still have stuff we can improve on."

3:44:33 pm Falcons RB Michael Turner is on pace to carry the ball 100 times through five games, which puts him on pace to tote the ball over 300 times. That would put him near his total last year (376 carries). "I still feel good," Turner said. "I don't feel tired or anything like that."

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"I'm down to 273 (pounds) and I spent a great amount of time working out this summer to focus on this season."

Good Lord! How big do you have to be when you can say "DOWN" to 273? Wow. That man is a beast.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a patriot." -Mark Twain

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