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The BIG screen in Dallas...


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Koenen could hit it every time, but they've already asked him about it. He said, in order to hit it, you have to punt the ball down the middle of the field. As we all know, Koenen is a directional punter. He likes to pin the ball near our extra defender (the sideline). In other words, Koenen said the only way he'd hit it is if he punts it down the middle, which he doesn't plan on doing.

That's a good point. I though it was wide enough to interfere even with a directional punt. I guess we'll find out on Sunday.

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I think we should start some kind of pool to see when Koenen will send a football into it. Then one for how many times he can do it. Personally I hope he breaks the **** thing.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a patriot." -Mark Twain

As long as none of the wreckage falls on any of our players - we have enough injuries to :( deal with

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