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New AFMB dynasty


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seeing as the other dynasty failed possibly because of lack of commissioner commitment, i would like to invite anyone who would like to join this dynasty to play. i love ncaa 2010, so you guys really shouldn't have to worry about my commitment level.

here are the rules:

1. we are going to play at least one game a week. the deadline will be monday at 5pm to have your game and recruiting finished. if your gmae is not finished, you will be kicked out for at least a week and may be able to enter afterwards if someone else hasn't taken your space.

2. no quitting, please. i know you may have problems connecting to the internet or what have you but please be genuine. if i see you have quit the game, say 3 times, im going to boot you. if you quit against an online opponent, goodbye. also, if you're going to quit, please wait until the offseason so the teams will have a clean slate and maybe it'll be easier to round up people.

3. please use sportmanship.

im stuck over what difficulty it should be set on. all-american and heisman are the two choices and i want even the games against the cpu to be competitive, but i do want this to be about "us" not "me" so if you want to join, vote "all-american" or "heisman" at the bottom of your post.

please pm me or post in this thread to join.

here are the current members

taylor228193 - Georgia

house (WHERES THE FOOD) - Florida

Orange Swarm (Aftermath747) - Tennessee

Greg M (Mad Tequila Joe) - Vandy

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i think it's on heisman but i dont know. i thought when i changed the difficulty to heisman it gave me a message saying that the change wouldn't take place until next week but i didn't pay much attention to it, so idk about this week but next week will definitely be heisman. i threw lots of ints so that's what made me think it was on heisman.

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