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What I would love to see the Falcons do against the Cowboys


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Well, the NFL ahs leard how to defend the Falcons running attack. In the grand scheme of things, it works for me, because Ryan/Gonzo/White can beat you as easily as Turner/Norwood. But there are a few things I'd love to see the Falcons do this week.

1. Run some counters/misdirection plays.

Mullarkey used these plays often last year to keep DE's from crashing down on the interior runs. I'd like to see the Falcons resurrect this attack and try to hit some cutback lanes. We need to open up the running game and get the opposing DL's out of their gap plugging techniques.

2. Throw to Turner.

Have we ever run a screen pass since June Jones left? Seriously, I'd love to see the Falcons break out a few screens to get Turner the ball in the open field.

3. Continue to expand the deep pass.

Ryan has thrown deep more in the past 2 weeks than in the previously 3 games. We need to spread the defense and make them respect the deep ball. If we can get the safety out of the box, it will help open running lanes.

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I concur with you on those three, but on the defensive side of the ball, I'd like to see us show the same aggressiveness we did against the Niners and Bears.

Romo is a "rhythm" QB, so our defense can't afford to let him get comfortable in the pocket, so I hope we throw in some disguised blitzes to keep him off balance. We need to be more stout against the run than we have been so far this season. Barber is (reportedly) 100 percent and, according to ESPN, Choice will get more touches in this game, so we need to be on the alert for the draws and bubble screens the Cowboys like to run with him.

Something tells me the Cowboys offense is going to pull out all the stops in this one, so our defense needs to be prepared for anything and expect the unexpected.

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Have we ever run a screen pass since June Jones left?


I also see you mods stick together :lol:

I really agree with number 3 though. I think the one thing that has been missing from our offense (except against San Fran) was the long ball. I'm starting to worry, and I think this has been brought up before, that Ryan looks first to Gonzo. We need a good long ball or two to get our offense into rhythm and try and prevent the Boys defense from stacking the box and playing the safeties close to the line.

I'm not too worried about the Boys defense, especially with the protection we have been giving Ryan. I think the biggest key to this game is keeping Romo out of rhythm early and keeping it that way.

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Just better execution on offense and defense...offensively, we were out of sync against the Bears and the defense came through big for us...if we want to be a contender for a championship, we have to be solid on both sides of the ball. I like the intensity the defense brought though...if they can duplicate that and the offense can get in those explosive plays we all know they can, we put ourselves in position to come out of JJ's Stadium with the win.

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