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What is the point of having one running back


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You are missing one key point: finding three backs that average 4+ YPC each is not an easy task. In most cases, running backs that are talented enough to put up those types of numbers do not come cheap.

If you are trying to compare a third down or change of pace backs yards per carry to a starters numbers, its faulty data. Extrapolating that if, say, Norwood could maintain a ridiculous YPC when you hand the ball to him 100 more times per season is just faulty logic. Its a dynamic that works because of how defenses adjust to each back based on what situations they usually come into the game.

It would be fantastic to have three cheap running backs who could all put up 4+ YPC but its just not a realistic option.

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While plenty of backs are good, you can't just pick up a bunch that average 5 YPC.

You don't take the ball out of your the hands of your most talented back if he's not tired. You don't take the ball out of the hands of a guy as talented as Adrian Peterson and give it to another guy, unless he has carried a full load. Why sign Turner and keep him on the bench 1/3rd of the time?

Also, past just running, plenty of backs are better at catching or blocking than others. When you have the full package guy the offense is not as one dimensional.

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