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Pick your pony. Felix Jones or Jerious Norwood


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  1. 1. Who would you rather have?

    • Norwood
    • Jones
    • No RB's, empty backfield every play

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Neither. Both cannot play a full 16 game season without some form of injury every game. Both can break games wide open with their speed and moves, but none of that matters when you are chronically nursing some form of ailment. Norwood should be moved to the slot with Harry Douglas (Next year) and let Snelling run the ball more. I'd rather smash the **** ball every down then try and "Change it up". The change up is always hurt!

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I love Norwood no matter what.

Don't get me wrong, the brother is bad. But some players just have that knack, the injury bu bites them, and it stays with them their whole career. Football is a contact sport and as such, folks get hurt. But Jerious and Felix Jones get hurt, bad enough each game, to miss practices and game time. We had a small back in Warrick Dunn, he was never hurt. Why? May be he never took a direct hit. He was smaller making folks miss, or maybe, he was just a tough MF'er who never let on he was hurt. Jerious needs to make people miss him when he runs. Cause once he is around them, its over, its touch down city and he's driving the bus.

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