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Gentlemen. Go here and the truth will be revealed.

LCB has been Grimes territory almost exclusive when Williams goes to the slot.

RCB has been Houston.

Chevous has played behind Houston on the Right side or in the slot.

Chris Owens has yet to play from scrimmage.

Tye Hill has yet to be active.

We see each game using more or less five or six DBs including the safeties. Williams also was the back up safety.

William Moore also must figure in but he too is hurt.

So the way I see it is thus: LCB Grimes RCB Houston NCB C Jackson SS Coleman FS DeCloud and we will see a three way battle for minutes between Owens, Hill, and Willam Moore.

I see Chris Owens getting a crash course at LCB and Chevous Jackson playing some safety this week. Lets hope Moore isn't too hurt. The assignments seem to favor Moore if healthy as Antoine Harris doesn't play from scrimmage. In Brian Williams, we lost our most versatile DB. Against Dallas, I see Owens. Against everyone else, we need Moore to be the guy we thought we were drafting!

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OK. After evaluating some things with San Fran in the Ty Hill post, we have a little intrigue:

Houston did not start against Chicago and my be out but he is a RCB and Hill was strating for him Sunday at RCB.

Chris Owens is listed as a RCB.

Grimes has mostly been a LCB.

Ty Hill was a LCB for the Rams.

Chevous is a nickle and LCB most of the time.

So here it is: I see Houston going back to be the strting RCB but I see Chris Owens active behing him.

I see Grimes at LCB with Chevous in ths nickle and backing up safety.

I see Ty Hill active backing up Grimes.

This situation bears watching over the week.

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