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Excuses, Excuses


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The biggest excuse for the Chicago loss has been the consecutive fumbles by Forte at the 1 yard line.

Just to clarify.

Forte did not fumble on his way into the endzone.

Forte fumbles were forced as he was being denied entry into the endzone.

If he had not fumbled, Chicago would have still been stopped and forced to kick a field goal ... and would have kicked off to us giving us better field position.

As it was, we got the got the ball at our own one.

Either way, Chicago would have still have had to score a touchdown.

So I don't understand all the press buzz about Chicago deserving to win and using the fumbles as an example.

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They can make all the excuses they want, but the reality is that we still have the win and that's all that matters.

Although you would think that with all of the chances that they had at various points in the game to punch it into the red zone, our defense would eventually get some credit for stopping them...

The ironic thing is ... we would have gotten MORE credit if we had not forced the fumble and merely stopped them at the goal line.

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Thats Chicago for you. Just like last year saying they had that game even though the Falcons dominated fot 59:00 minutes. If Elam makes that 40 yarder it wouldnt have come down to use having to win it on a last sec FG.

In the end it doesnt matter though, we won they lost and Matty Ice is now 2-0 against da bears.

and 10-1 at home

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