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The Positives


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Great game. Two good teams, we pulled it out.

Had to make a thread, since everyone is being oddly negative...

Well, looks like DeCoud has started making plays. Really, really impressed with his progression.

Jamaal at DT... Looks like he's found a new home. We seemed to really get a lot of pressure since he's been there. Hopefully he keeps progressing.

Snelling -- I think we can officially depend on this guy to carry some of the load.

Goal-line defense: WOW! I was really impressed. Our defense in general allowed us to win this game, along with some nice 3rd down conversions on offense.

Weems... No doubt played a huge part in this game. Really gave us great field position when it counted.

We're still ranked 4th in points allowed, and we've played some good teams.

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