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The sign of a good team is when they can win ugly


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our players madden ratings will go down, haters like deion and jamie dukes, etc will suck the cowboys nuts for the next week and say we arent anything special. But at the end of the day we are 4-1, one of the top teams in the NFC. We currently hold a wild card spot if the playoffs started today. and lets not forget theres still so much football left to play, including 2 games with the saints.

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We used to lose games like this. Until last yr that is. We win games like this now and that is what good teams do. I totally agree SkiFalcon.

Funny. I was thinking the exact same thing before I read your post. We historically would have found a way to loose this.

For me the biggest thing is we play for 60 minutes. Sooo many past games we would be okay through halftime or a little after, and then just lose it. We're playing smart and trying to get the right guys out on the field. I'm very impressed and happy to be a Falcons fan.

It's funny, my brother is a Titans fan and I feel like telling him, now you know how I've felt. (granted not as bad as a 0-6 season when expectations are high, but it sucks losing)

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