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John Abraham

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Oooooooo you know Abes licking his chops right now thinking bout going up against a washed up Orlando Pace and a young Chris Williams. Dont think theyll be getting a lot of help inside from Frank Omiyale and Roberto Garza.

Hahahaha I found this video and was like sickk but I posted it cause I literally burst out laughing at 19 seconds into the video when you see Herm Edwards bewildered face, priceless

Check out 56 seconds and a minute 10 seconds too, I think thats the hardest Ive ever seen Anderson hit a qb

At 1:26 he just pushes Tampas LT over their quarterback hahaha MONSTER

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At 3:07 you can see we bring a blitz from slot on Abe's side forcing the tackle to pick him up leaving Abe with a free inside lane to the QB. We should start doing this with Moore from the nickel if Decoud is going to keep playing. You can do this a couple ways, if the tackle is one on one with Abe or has inside help (no TE or RB on his side) You can blitz Moore from the slot. If the tackle kicks out to pick up Moore blitzing from the slot Abe has a free release inside like in the video, at worst, he's one on one with a guard or Moore has a free lane to the QB. The other thing to do is move Abe to the otherside (LE) and then show a LB and or safety blitzing behind him. This shifts all the protection to the strongside (LE). Moore is in the slot on the weakside (outside RE) If the tackle doesnt see him blitz he has a free lane to the qb. If he is fast enough, has a good enough angle, or the tackle doesnt recognize it in time he has a free lane to the qb. By moving Abe to the otherside and showing blitz there we probably move the tight ends and running backs who have a better chance matching up with Moore speedwise to the otherside

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