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Brian Williams and Brent Grimes

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Are currently infront of Chris Owens, Chevis Jackson and Tye Hill on the depth chart.

Do you think this is more an indication of how much the staff thinks of their coverage ability or the inexperience of the guys behind them?

I understand Smith wanting Brian Williams, a veteran who was with him in JAX to start in his young secondary but I cannot understand the infatuation with Brent Grimes beyond being a nickel corner. His size is a major liability. When i saw him in one on one with Randy Moss in the redzone I put my face in my palm.

I understand Owens is a rookie and Hill was traded for and coming off injury but I definately thought we would have seen Chevis Jackson, at the very least as the nickel corner by now.

He playwed well as a rookie and got better as the year went on. He was a shut down corner in college (opposing WRs/QBs had some historically low success rate against him)amd showed good ball skills.

He started for us versus Arizona in the playoffs and picked off Warner. He also picked off Drew Brees in week 10 and ran it back 95 yards for a touchdown on his first career pick (Stephen Nicholas with the pressure from LE)

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