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Kiffin: Alabama best-coached team in SEC.


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Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Count Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin among those who feel that nobody does a better coaching job in the SEC than Alabama.

The Vols, who are open this week, travel to Alabama on Oct. 24. Keep in mind they've already faced Florida this season.

So maybe Kiffin is trying to butter up the Crimson Tide, or just maybe he doesn't want to give any props to his old buddy, Urban Meyer.

"They’ve done an unbelievable job with back-to-back national recruiting titles. They’re playing unbelievable. They’re so well coached. I would think they’re the best-coached team in the conference," Kiffin said Wednesday about the Crimson Tide while speaking on the SEC coaches teleconference.


So was kiffin complimenting saban or dissing meyer?

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butterin up the tide no doubt, this is about Bama vs Tennessee, the last thing we need is florida involved in another conversation, its not always going to be about kiffin and meyer is it? but to say nobody does a better job at coaching in the sec than bama will probably make the sensitive meyer and the gators upset though, and take it personal, probably put it on their bulletin board with all the other loads of stuff pinned on it..

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