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Bump until TD trades for Dorsey. Reports have surfaced the Chiefs want to trade him, thats fine we could use a DT.

At 6-1 297 Dorsey is too small for NT and too short for DE in the 3-4 but perfect as a DT in the 4-3

At 6-6 290 Anderson is too big for DE and too small for DT in the 4-3 for perfect as a DE in the 3-4

Dorsey has outproduced Anderson so we'd probably have to include something else. This trade makes sense for so many reasons. As I mentioned Anderson and Dorsey are miscast in their current schemes. Jerrys injury leaves a huge hole at DT for a team with playoff aspirations. The Chiefs are going no where this season and would love to acquire talent that better fits their scheme that is young and get draft picks for the future. TD and Pioli have the connection. In the future wed have a nasty DT rotation that would be kept fresh and wreak havoc.

Dorsey was a top 5 pick the Falcons were considering but had to draft Ryan. Anderson was drafted by Bobby Petrino. He played wide receiver in high school. He had a lot of sacks in his senior year but they came from blown plays, coverage sacks, he didn't beat his blocker one on one. I would wager a lot of money that he never develops into a Pro Bowl player. The same cannot be said for Dorsey, who is more talented, a better player, and his book hasnt been written yet.

In 3 years Anderson has 62 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 tackle for loss, 1 forced fumble, and 7 passes defensed

In his 2 years Dorsey has 61 tackles, 1 sack, 4 tackls for loss, 1 forced fumble and 2 passes defensed

Grade: 76 | Key

Comment: Dorsey made an immediate impact on the Chiefs' defense after being drafted in the first round in 2008. He is a thick defensive tackle with an explosive first step. He consistently gains the advantage as he engages blockers. He plays with a high level of intensity and will chase the ball from sideline to sideline as well as on downfield pursuit. He is quick to locate the level of the ball and takes good angles to get there. He is a natural knee-bender who plays with good leverage and can work his way to the play while warding off blocks. He still needs to develop more counter moves as a pass-rusher as he tends to rely on initial quickness to get the job done.

Grade: 66 | Key

Comment: Anderson has been somewhat of a disappointment as a defensive end since being drafted in the first round of the 2007 draft. He has all the measurables you want in a defensive end, but can't seem to put it all together. Although he has excellent size and good strength and appears to read blocking schemes and feel pressure well, he is often half a step away from making plays. He shows good range. He has decent upfield acceleration and speed to pressure the pocket but does not show many counter moves when blockers get their hands on him.

So Id trade Anderson and a 4th, throw in Trey Lewis or make it a 3rd if truly necessary

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I think our defense will do good enough against Chicagos run game, but it wont be enough to win the Superbowl (WHICH IS WHAT WE'RE TRYING TO DO!)

No one can blame TD for Jerry getting injured, thats something that happens when you play football, thats not his fault.

But it is a problem because we have a gaping hole this season at DT.

A PERFECT opportunity has arrisen for us to address that hole.

Even better, it not only addresses our biggest immediate weakness, but sets us up for the long term future as well. No DT plays 100% of the snaps. Babineaux, Dorsey, and Jerry will give us the most talented young DT rotation in the NFL.

And EVEN BETTER it might just cost us Anderson and a late pick!!!


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This makes no sense at all, slow the brakes people jesus.

Was wondering how long it would be before someone thought of the negatives...

doubt TD moves JA98 to DT and says he played it well that game just to trade him.

I think next year he wants JA98 and PJ together in the middle with Abe and the beer-man rounding up the outsides.

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I've been watching buddy on NFL ticket the last 20 games. He is better than any of our DTs. Trust me.

Why is it when someone is constantly saying 'trust me' i dont trust them at all?

This guy is NOT better than all our DTs.

He shows up fat and out of shape to camp and plays like it every week...at least, when he's not injured.

Word around the league is he was overrated for his draft position, doesnt study his playbook, plays as an individual and not as a 'team', and is a season-ending injury waiting to happen. He may have BEEN a beast, but chances are he peaked in college and his only way to go is down.

All that aside, MAYBE if he came here (practically for free would be the only way i would take this guy) our coaching staff could possibly do something with him to revive his play. He would make a nice addition to our rotation, but he's not better than our DT's and he's surely not the next coming of Christ.

I am so glad we passed on this guy.

For the 23 million in baggage this guy carries we could bring in a few healthier, hungrier, and smarter players.

Plus, you have made it very clear in your posts that your only reason for living is to spew as much garbage about JA98 as you possibly can, perhaps hoping that one day, when and if we do get rid of him, you can jump around in circles screaming "I told you so! I told you so!"

Your post and your opinion on Dorsey are complete bs...trust me.

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I am in the minority on this, but i pass. There is alot of talent coming out of the draft at DT this year. Give me Brian Price in the 1st and call it a day. ONe thing that pointed out to me was the fact that Dorsey who was coming into the year with a New staff had the ordacity to show up to camp overweight and not in the best condition for camp. That is a sign of immaturity, might be a red flag.

Brian Price >>>> Glen Dorsey. Sorry Fellas/Ladies

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My link

This is a pretty good article with Haley talking about Dorsey. Reading this it doesn't sound to promising that Dorsey is up for a trade. Also, it sounds like they assigned him a specific weight that was not easy to get to and that is why he came in overweight.

I'm all for getting Dorsey and I think he is worth a 1st round.

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i dont know , id rather have darnell dockett dudes a beast plus he proved himself in last year that hes a dominate DT i think id rather have dockett and babs then rotate jerry in to keep him healthy makes more sense plus as of right now dockett has i think a year left on his contract so we could choose to resign him or let him go apposed to getting dorsey he has a huge contract .

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and one more thing lol some people on here said jerry and dorsey would be great , that never will be because babinuex is our best DT and hes played WAY better then dorsey and he'll never get benched , sorry but id rather have dockett and babs in the middle seems like everyones forgotten about babinuex lol i still love ya tho babs haha

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